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Diane Blau
Chief Executive Officer
Professional Alternatives of Colorado, LLC

Professional Profile

Diane Blau's notable achievements and extensive experience in the specialty staffing industry led to her appointment as Chief Executive Officer with Professional Alternatives of Colorado.

With over 26 years in the specialty staffing industry, Diane has made significant contributions as a Staffing Specialist, Senior Market Executive and Regional Vice President of a Fortune 500 Staffing Firm, before accepting her position as CEO with Professional Alternatives.

Diane has an active role in numerous associations that are both staffing and community related. Keeping her finger on the pulse of Denver and its ever-changing needs allows Diane to make modifications within Professional Alternatives to provide continuity in superlative service.

Diane has an innovative approach to staffing that puts high quality as a top priority at both the client and candidate level. This tactic has proven to be a refreshing necessity in Denver's market that is saturated with staffing companies focused on high quantity.

Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Colorado, with revenues increasing by more than 120% during its first two years of operation, Professional Alternatives is an industry leader in staffing and hiring solutions. Since its inception in 1998, Professional Alternatives has opened seven businesses in Denver and six offices in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, Albuquerque and Atlanta.

Continued growth is expected in the coming years as Diane plans the opening of several more "niche" companies under Professional Alternatives that will have the same commitment to excellence as their predecessors.