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Guaranteed Results

Client Services - Guaranteed Recruitment Results

At PAC, we stand behind our recruitment work and results. "Performance-before-payment" is the safest way for you to hire. We are a contingency recruitment firm, which means we are never paid for our services until we have found the perfect fit for your firm. If we don't perform, the risk factor to you and your company is zero. Not many firms can say they offer 100% satisfaction before you pay a dime. We do!

Client Services - Track Record/Testimonials

The best way to share our results is to share comments from some of our clients. If you would like client references to contact, feel free to call us at (303) 993-4199, or email us your request today!

"In my thirty years of using recruiters across both industry and geography, I have yet to find someone as successful as Diane Blau with her ability to synthesize the job position requirements into a match with well qualified candidates."

- Mark E. Oleksik, Executive VP & CFO
A Financial Services Company

"I have known Diane for a number of years, and although I can't remember the circumstances of how we came to find each other, I'm glad we did. Diane is someone I can call well in advance of needing someone or five minutes before, and she will do everything humanly possible to find someone to fill the position. And not just anyone! Diane's candidates are routinely quality people — and in the rare instance where they haven't been a good fit, Diane makes it an easy conversation about why."

- Susan J. Rossberg JD, SPHR, Human Resource Director
Architectural Firm

We have looked to Diane Blau for assistance in our recruiting needs for our administrative and accounting positions for well over 5 years. Diane took the time to understand our business, our office environment and our specific position requirements. Having done this she is able to screen prospective candidates and send us a selected number of very qualified applicants. Diane is honest, knowledgeable and has a way of locating talented personnel. We have been extremely satisfied with our business relationship with her and would highly recommend her services to other organizations.

- Nancy Locklin, Senior Vice President
Heating and Ventilation Company