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Selecting A Recruiter

Client Services - Selecting A Recruiter
Your Colorado Business Recruiter

Not all recruiters are the same. Choosing the right recruiter will make all the difference when filling those all-important and hard-to-fill positions. The most important step in choosing a recruiter is to do your homework. Find out:

  • How Much They Really Understand Your Local Market
  • Their Experience In Your Core Business, Interests, Objectives, & Goals.
  • References
  • How Long They Have Been In the Marketplace
  • What Their Track Record Is In Filling Your Types Of Positions.

Start asking the right questions!

"We have looked to Diane Blau for assistance in our recruiting needs for our administrative and accounting positions for well over 5 years. Diane took the time to understand our business, our office environment and our specific position requirements. Having done this she is able to screen prospective candidates and send us a selected number of very qualified applicants. Diane is honest, knowledgeable and has a way of locating talented personnel. We have been extremely satisfied with our business relationship with her and would highly recommend her services to other organizations."

- Nancy Locklin, Senior Vice President
Heating and Ventilation Company